Maine Outdoor Sportsman is proud to offer Archery, Gun/Hunter, Crossbow, ATV and Trapping Safety courses.

Maine law requires completion of an approved safety class to obtain your adult license unless you have previously done so or have held an adult license.

Hunters in Maine must attend specific bowhunting training courses. By State law, anyone planning to buy a basic hunting license, archery license, crossbow license, or trapping license, must complete the respective hunter, archery, crossbow, or trapper education course. Individuals may purchase each of these licenses by showing a certificate of completion from the appropriate course, or a previously issued license of the same type.

If you would like to refresh your knowledge of safe and responsible hunting, then taking a hunter education course is a great idea.

Basic Firearm Safety Lessons

We offer Firearm Safety Lessons by appointment with our instructor. During this lesson you will learn how to safely load your firearm, shoot it & clean it. Lessons are 60.00 for an Hour. Please contact us at 207-338-4141 to schedule an appointment.